I am NOT affilliated with the Crazy Mountain Ranch in any way, other than having been a visitor - so emailing me asking about getting a job there, wanting a brochure, etc. is pointless. I'm happy to answer questions about the trip, but understand that I can only tell you what I know from visiting there myself.  Frankly, the best place I've found for answers to questions or information about the CMR is at the Achillies Marlboro Stuff website. Also, now has some information as well, and clearly they are the best source for accurate details.

If you still want to contact me about something feel free, but don't expect a reply if you didn't bother to read the above info and act accordingly.

To send me an email, fill out the form below and click "Send Email". Be sure to include your email address so I can reply.

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This site is not affiliated with the Crazy Mountain Ranch, Phillip-Morris or Marlboro in any way

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