UPDATE: Marlboro Maker Sells Its 18,000-Acre Crazy Mountain Montana Ranch

The Crazy Mountain Ranch is an 18,000 acre working ranch near Clyde Park, Montana. It is owned and operated by Phillip-Morris (Marlboro), and they send hundreds of contest winners each year to this ranch, all-expenses paid for several days.

I am fortunate enough to be friends with someone who won the trip (Wonko!), and who also had a very, very pregnant wife who couldn't take that kind of travel. So it wound up being me and Wonko heading out to Big Sky Country for three days that we will never forget!

I won't give away too much about the trip itself except to say that the staff are incredibly nice and helpful, every need is taken care of, and you will not want to leave. You can find lots more information at Achillies Marlboro Stuff, or by going to some of the other sites on my links page.

Marlboro now has a page on their website dedicated to the Crazy Mountain Ranch.

Also, Shawn and I and another friend were interviewed for an article about the ranch in The Atlantic Monthly.

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